Quanta 70 

480 Mbps
70.5 — 76 GHz
A new mmWave Point-to-Point solution based on Octopus SDR platform
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Quanta 70 is a brand new addition to the Infinet Wireless Point-to-Point product portfolio, operating in the 70.5-76 GHz frequency band. Quanta 70 delivers real throughput of up to 480 Mbps using a 125 MHz channel size and can operate at distances of up to 20 km.

The 70.5-76 GHz spectrum has much lower utilization as compared to the 5 GHz license-exempt frequency bands, but offers much better propagation than 60 GHz (V-band).
This spectrum is lightly licensed or sometimes even unlicensed in a number of countries and therefore enables the deployment of high-density networks in urban areas, with nearly zero interference

Quanta 70 is based on the brand new Octopus SDR platform, making this family of PTP solutions fully future proof and allowing it to improve its PHY, MAC and upper layer features remotely via a simple firmware upgrade, including for units already deployed in the field.

Quanta 70 can operate either as a high-capacity access solution or as a backhaul for WISP networks deployed in urban areas. It is also fully suitable for building-to-building connectivity and in campus networks for enterprises of all types and sizes.

Octopus SDR Platform

Infinet’s latest Octopus Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform has been designed using a stateof-the-art proprietary SDR technology specifically aimed at increasing link performance several-fold. Addressing challenges such as limited spectrum availability, growing interference and demands for yet more capacity, Quanta 70 combines the best features from Infinet’s well-proven R5000 and XG families, as well as numerous cutting-edge wireless breakthroughs, to deliver unparalleled performance in all weather conditions.

Frequency Bands

  • 70.5 — 76 GHz


  • High capacity backhauls for mobile operators and service providers
  • Building-to-building enterprise use
  • Full-fledged fibre/FSO/mm-wave systems replacement, extension or backup
  • High-capacity "last mile" access infrastructure
  • Public safety applications

Key Features and Highlights

  • Based on a Software-Defined Radio technology
  • Simplified regulatory requirements
  • Minimal or zero interference
  • Easy installation and fine tuning
  • Reliability