Indoor AC/DC injector IDU-CPE-G(24W)
Indoor AC/DC injector IDU-CPE-G(24W)
IDU-CPE-G(24W) is an indoor Gigabit PoE injector designed for Quanta 5 and Quanta 70 families.
Detailed specification
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IDU-CPE-G(24W) is an indoor Gigabit PoE injector compatible with Quanta 5, Quanta 70, InfiLINK 2x2 LITE, InfiMAN 2x2 STE and AUX-ODU-SYNC outdoor units. 
PoE injector supports 100-240 V input range from the AC mains. IDU-CPE-G(24W) feeds 48 VDC power to the device by injecting it to the CAT5 Ethernet cable. Power consumption 28 W max.

Datasheet   pdf / 323.28 KB