After nearly one year of operational experience, I can honestly say that the InfiNet Wireless solution has offered an unparalleled level of reliability, with running costs far lower than anticipated, whilst still delivering rapid and reliable bandwidth connections to the end users for video, data and voice. I would recommend that other service providers should look to InfiNet Wireless as a potential provider for their network.

László Kalapos Senior IT Manager, Crown-Tech

Tisser Kft is one of a new breed of emerging ISPs and media companies in Hungary that utilizes high-bandwidth connections to consumers to provide TV, Internet and IP phone services. Their business model has been built using a backbone  fibre-optic cable network to deliver next generation ultrafast Ethernet-to-the-Building services.

In mid-2009, Tisser were requested  to supply their triple-play service offering to a number of customers based in  residential apartment blocks in Tiszaújváros, around 175km North-West of Budapest.  The apartment blocks required high-capacity connections to the Tisser backbone of at least 40Mbps per apartment block link, and this would normally have been achieved with a “Fibre-to-the-basement” (FTTB) solution, reaching an Ethernet distribution node in each block that would then supply residential apartments and small businesses directly with their internet, TV and IP telephone service.

Because of the immediate lack of availability of fibre to these apartment buildings, Tisser turned to Crown-Tech, an integration specialist for wireless systems, to explore the possibility of using broadband wireless links as an alternative to high-capacity fibre links. Crown-Tech conducted a number of site surveys and eventually recommended field-trialling an installation of InfiNet Wireless’s InfiMAN 2x2 and InfiLINK 2x2 units to provide the necessary links and high-capacity bandwidth to the core backbone.


  • To rapidly deploy high-capacity  wireless bandwidth links to consumer apartment blocks for delivery of voice, video and internet services;
  • To offer an alternative technology solution to “Fibre-to-the-Home” (FTTH);
  • To provide a minimum of 40Mbps bandwidth with minimum latency to apartment blocks in a heavily-polluted 5GHz wireless spectrum.

Solution Technology


  • Significantly reduced deployment time over fibre installation and reduced upfront network investment due to product flexibility and ease of deployment;
  • Highly efficient and focussed spectrum usage provided maximum bandwidth in a narrow and congested 5GHz spectrum field;
  • Supreme reliability of the system provided a viable alternative to fibre deployment;
  • Savings of 90% on the budgeted maintenance costs, coupled with a 40% increase in subscriber growth, made the systems incredibly economical to deploy.
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