• To provide a reliable, high speed internet connection in difficult weather conditions including heavy rain and snow, as well as built up residential areas and mountainous conditions.


  • Wireless platform based on InfiNet Wireless' high performance Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint family of solutions;
  • Solution based on InfiNet Wireless' InfiMAN 2x2 System;
  • Two InfiNet R5000-XM Point-to-Point units;
  • Ten InfiNet R5000-MMXBS Point-to-Multipoint units;
  • Five InfiNet R5000-SMNC-50 SM units;
  • Ten InfiNet R5000-SMNC- 300 SM units. 


  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Consistent, reliable service across all applications;
  • Provided high quality products with maximum bandwidth coverage, especially across long distances.

Bida Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. is an Internet Service Provider based in Bursa, Turkey. A relatively newcomer to the market, provide data and voice services to enterprise customers and offers practical solutions to businesses requiring network services, servers, virtualization, backup, licensing and system safety. Bida Teknoloji works across a variety of sectors including enterprise, corporate, hospitality and healthcare; thus they require the fast, stable and good quality wireless network to use it for IP telephony, data transmission and cloud storage services.

Radio Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. has a lot of experience in wireless network solutions and distribute InfiNet Wireless equipment in Turkey. They handled planning and design for Bida Teknoloji projects, comparing the various equipment options available from major wireless providers. What made the project more challenging is the weather conditions in Bursa, the city experiences eight-to-nine months of heavy rain and snow per year, creating difficult conditions for deployment. In addition to this, the city is the third largest in Turkey, therefore numerous residential buildings cause interferences for wireless signals, as did the mountain which contains the town's ski resort. 

Radio Teknoloji performed several trials for this project including InfiNet Wireless InfiMAN 2x2 solution. Regardless of the challenging conditions, InfiNet Wireless solution always demonstrate solid and smooth service, especially for Non-Lineof-Sight (NLOS) conditions and during various weather conditions.

InfiNet Wireless InfiMAN 2x2 products for PtP and PtMP has been used for the the project. The R5000 family of products provide speeds between 40 and 300 Mbps, with an output power up to 23 dBm, for distances up to 15 km. Thus Bida Teknoloji now shows high quality ISP – offering 99% uptime for all services for the customers. 

Since the deployment of the new system in November 2015, Bida Teknoloji have noticed significant improvement of their wireless network and continue to receive positive feedback from the customers. The infrastructure has provided consistent, reliable service across all applications. and despite the varying adverse weather conditions.

Faith Goktas, I.T Manager of Bida Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. commented: “Radio Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S. created the plan for this project and oversaw the whole testing process. The project was completed on time as they promised, and the managers and staff are very satisfied. They have also been spending a good deal of time on site visits and project planning, ensuring the deployments are running smoothly, which we feel is one of the key points thath a scontri buted to the success of this project.” 

Mr Abdurrahman, General Manager at Radio Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S. said: “InfiNet Wireless is a global leader and pioneer in the wireless industry and we feel very comfortable when offering their solutions to our customers. InfiNet Wireless are trustworthy, reliable and provide high quality products with the best bandwith coverage - especially in long distances. Their products are designed and manufactured for the outdoor environment, so when we deployed their solutions for our project in Bursa, the bad weather and natural conditions were not a problem – InfiNet's team were fully prepared and we had no problems with the installation.” 


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