Project realization date - 2012


ABH Miratorg is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of meat in Russia. In 2010, with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Agriculture in Russia, Miratorg began construction of a modern farm in the Bryansk region which would be able to breed high yields of cattle.

The modern management of livestock requires strict control of all processes, and requires the latest technology to analyse large amounts of information.

However, practically all of the buildings on this new farm were far away from populated areas and required the use of satellite communication stations to send information back to the company’s central office in the village of Aladino.

This became problematic because of the high overhead costs and low-bandwidth that the satellite network offered. Miratorg’s management decided to build its own secure network on more reliable radio-based technology, WiMax. The company selected InfiNet’s point-to-point InfiLINK 2x2 PRO to build the network.

Currently, there are 20 point-to-point channels, which link 25 of ABH Miratorg’s buildings to a single network. All channels use InfiNet’s Mmx/5.300.2x200.2x28 solutions. The minimum length of the interval between the antennas is 9.6km and the maximum is 25km. 


  • High-speed network
  • A large number of channels, combined into a single network


Customer Benefits

  • Provided the required bandwidth
  • Organised full coverage zone
  • A general network – 20 point-to-point channels, uniting 25 buildings
Sevenet has significantly improved its network infrastructure and customer communication
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Sevenet has significantly improved its network infrastructure and customer communication

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