I believe that we have finally found a core network wireless product which has the right features for the right price, whilst offering very high availability and reliability.

Tamas Batki CEO,
Tom-Technik Kft.


Tom-Technik Kft. is an established ISP operating primarily in the Southern Plains of Hungary, with technical operations centred in Békéscsaba. Through close relationships with a core ecosystem of partners and servicing a wide geographical area, Tom-Technik regularly participates in Rural Development Projects aimed at improving access to broadband infrastructure in rural or “technology under-developed” areas. As part of one of these projects, Tom-Technik secured EU funding to bring broadband internet into technically underdeveloped areas in Békés County, in the South Eastern part of Hungary.

Tom-Technik contacted Crown-Tech with the need to develop a feasible and cost-effective wide-area wireless network that could be rapidly deployed and easily maintained, targetted at offering affordable broadband connectivity for rural communities across the regions.

Following extensive field trials of the network architecture, Crown-Tech specified a wide-area network based exclusively on two vendors, with InfiNet Wireless playing the key role in the core backbone of the wireless network, linking together smaller rural “collector” nodes with its high capacity, point-to-point backhaul products.


  • To bring affordable and reliable broadband access to rural communities;
  • To deploy a rural broadband network that requires minimal infrastructure support and maintenance;
  • To utilise wireless backhaul technologies to quickly deploy the community networks.

Solution Technology

  • InfiLINK 2x2 300Mbps, 200mW point-to-point wireless backhaul products;
  • GRANTE high performance antennae.

Customer Benefits

  • Highly reliable and easy to deploy core backbone network based on 5GHz wireless;
  • InfiNet’s open standards allows easy deployment and integration of CPE units to the core network;
  • Highly affordable solution for rural broadband with minimal support and maintenance cost profile;
  • Highly robust InfiLink 2x2 links mean fewer links required for high bandwidth transmission rates despite inclement weather conditions.
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