• Network capable of carrying video surveillance traffic reliably
  • High capacity links to collect and dynamically transfer complex oil-well data
  • Wireless solution that could be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively


  • PTP Mmx units with Integrated 23 dBi Antenna
  • PTP Lmn units fitted with high gain external antennas
  • PMP Omxb units  deployed as base stations, associated with Smnc and Lmnc subscribers terminals
  • InfiMONITOR (Network Management System)


  • Video surveillance data streams transmitted dynamically  without jitter or delay
  • Highly reliable solution
  • One unified network management system for the entire oil field

DongYing Oilfield, located in the ShanDong province of China, and operated  by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, is a crucial part of the local economy and one of the largest oilfields in the People’s Republic of China. Critical to the successful operation of the entire site are reliable oil well data collection and transfer of video surveillance streams to keep this strategic oilfield secure.

The oilfield had an existing and unreliable infrastructure that was over ten years old. The local operators approached Infinet’s partner in the region, BoDaXun, to help them identify a suitable and robust solution that would both meet their current needs and also future proof the network for years to come. BoDaXun recommended InfiNet’s solutions, a combination of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies, as the best infrastructure that would provide a cost-effective, stable and reliable wireless network with unprecedented low latency.

BoDaXun deployed Infinet’s PTP solutions, InfiLINK 2x2, for all backhauling and remote data transfer links, and the PMP solutions, InfiMAN 2x2 and associated subscriber terminals, to aggregate the oil well data and provide the optimum performance to China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. The oilfield operators were impressed by the simplicity of installation and ease of alignment of the wireless units, the flexibility and high reliability they offered, the improved QoS offered by InfiNet, the net throughput at each location as well as the support offered by BoDaXun and Infinet locally. The entire infrastructure will be constantly monitored by InfiNet’s InfiMONITOR, a complete software toolbox of network management and monitoring features, which includes flexible viewing options, performance monitoring, configuration of all network elements, user management as well as advanced fault management.

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation can now focus more of their efforts in improving productivity whilst monitoring their assets remotely with no worries about thanks to the superior performance of InfiNet’s solutions.

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