InfiNet Wireless provides greater long-term customer benefits, exceptional commercial and technical support. We decided to use InfiNet products as the backbone links for the IP surveillance system.

Viktor Szechenyi CEO, Global-Line


Wireless ISP Global-Line needed to change its business model as the scope for a traditional Internet service provider was becoming increasingly limited. InfiNet Wireless and Inter Crown Europe helped it to cater for a new market.

As a wireless ISP, Global-Line served its customers well. Domestic Internet subscribers were more than happy with the service Global-Line gave over its wireless networking infrastructure, which was built on a foundation of different types of 5 GHz radio infrastructure.

However, new growth was needed. One of the opportunities available was to offer IP video surveillance to businesses and local authorities in the city of Hatvan and neighbouring towns.

Since this would involve streaming high-resolution pictures, it was clear that the existing network needed to be upgraded. Extra capacity and new management tools would be the minimum requirements.


  • High-capacity backbone;
  • Low latency and jitter;
  • Minimal packet loss;
  • QoS support.


  • 16 x InfiLINK 2x2 80 Mbps links

Customer Benefits

  • Flawless network operation across radio-hazarded areas;
  • Up to 80 Mbps throughput in crowded urban environments;
  • Excellent diagnostic features and support services;
  • Stable, robust and secured communications to provide the local authorities with video surveillance and security services.
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