InfiNet has been a valued strategic partner to Enforta for over five years. In over 12 000 fixed subscriber installations, InfiNet equipment has proven to be reliable, feature rich, and well supported. For the operator with bandwidth hungry subscribers, InfiNet products represent outstanding price-performance.

Lee Sparkman
President of Enforta

Project realization date - from 2001 till now

Enforta was founded In October 2003 with the objective of providing wireless-based broadband telecommunication solutions and other state-ofthe-art technologies in Russia's regional capitals.Enforta's goal was to provide a full portfolio of broadband services to its SME,Enterprise and SOHO consumers covering high speed internet access, local and national telephony, email, website hosting, and dedicated VPN service for secure communication between branch offices and to homeworkers.

Business Objectives

  • To build a cost-effective, scalable national network using Wireless technologies in 5.15-5.35 GHz band;
  • To cover all of the largest cities of Russia to attract and serve large, medium and small enterprise customers;
  • To provide high speed 1-5 Mbps internet access, L2/L3 VPNs, voice & fax services for 1000-3000 subscribers in each city with differing QoS capabilities for different markets/products;
  • To build intercity backbone to feed base stations and repeaters at remote areas;
  • To provide coverage in remote suburban areas for logistic center and production facilities;
  • To ensure high network availability & reliability.


  • Regulatory challenges:
    • Limited spectrum availability
    • Lengthy regulatory process for approvals
    • VoIP is regulated
  • Competing with “grey” or illegal WiFi operators in the consumer segment.

Solution Technology

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