• Creating high-speed radio links in difficult interference situations
  • Reliable wireless solutions for deploying radio channels and  transferring data over long distances
  • Flexible and easy-to-install products

Infinet Wireless solutions      

  •       Q5-23 models of the Quanta 5 family
  •       Smnt/5.300.2x300.2x19
  •       AUX-ODU-LPU-G
  •       Mmx/5.300.2х200.2х16
  •       Smntc/5.300.2x300.2x19


  • Smooth high-speed video data transmission
  • In just one year the client managed to identify more than 127   thousand cases of administrative violations of traffic regulations on Kazakhstan’s highways
  • Infinet Wireless solutions helped to clean up the sky above Kazakhstan’s cities


Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity, helped Supervision Technology Company, a purveyor of the unique hardware and software AvtoUragan system, to deploy a reliable and highly protected network in Kazakhstan for the client in the field of information security which controls the road situation. The ‘AvtoUragan’ system is capable of spotting speeding of up to 255 km/h, recognising state license plates of 87 countries, controlling congested roads and automatically spotting a car, as well as scanning the data bases of several CIS countries.


The core industry in which the client operates is the collection and processing of data concerning the road situation, such as the future forecasting and prevention of any possible collapse and violation of traffic regulations.

With the help of access to the unified system, where all the information about violations which have been identified is stored, it is possible to pinpoint incidents and react to them appropriately. The expansion of such a system is costly and time-consuming.


Usually fiber-optic cable is used for organizing such distributed systems. Nevertheless, the distant location of objects from the central point of connectivity combined with the long period of execution and unprofitability of fiber-optic network deployment influenced the client’s final decision. They chose Infinet Wireless solutions to organize connectivity channels and planned the expansion of the monitoring system on Kazakhstan’s roads with their help.

The final choice was also influenced by the resilience and scalability of Infinet Wireless products’ and their reputation in the world market, proven by numerous successes.What is more, in the Republic of Kazakhstan the ‘clean sky’ policy is active, which means no cords or switching cabinets should be on the horizon.

The client had previous experience of Infinet Wireless products, as the company had been using R5000 models, and in 2020  they decided to choose a relatively simple solution, Quanta 5, for the quick deployment of high-speed PtP radio links in high interference situations. In just one location they managed to install 8 radio links. First, the client set a target of getting throughput high enough to transmit video data, as this type of information is usually the ‘heaviest’. An important feature here is the fact Quanta 5 is an easy-to-install solution, which can be booted up in no time.


Building up radio links with Quanta 5 made it possible to launch the hardware and software system ‘AvtoUragan’ as scheduled, and spot more than 127 thousand cases of administrative violations of traffic regulations on Kazakhstan’s highways over one single year. The results were met with enthusiasm and the client plans to expand the network to other locations in Kazakhstan.

After having Infinet Wireless solutions installed the client performed an additional test, utilizing fiber-optic wire network. The outcome was outstanding, with Infinet Wireless products operating much faster than wire solutions. This improved performance was possible thanks to network functionality, routing and switching protocols support as well as the extensive set of tools for secured data transmission and unauthorized access protection. Thanks to this rich functionality it became possible to exclude a high number of commutations which are inevitable while utilizing fiber-optic wire network.

In addition, the company stopped using GPRS and VSAT technologies, which are costly and not fully reliable nowadays. Infinet Wireless solutions are more economically valuable. Furthermore, the necessity of manual data collection was eliminated, as well as the need to repeat tasks individually for each employee. Thanks to a simultaneously arranged network including all the objects, the engineers can now distribute their time more rationally, performing tasks which add value to corporate business and, as a matter of fact, generate profits.

It was great to know the deployment took only 3 or 4 days. Throughout the process, the certified Infinet Wireless engineers did everything impeccably. It’s a result of work which started several years ago, when we asked all our questions in time. The Quanta 5 solution completely met our needs. The expansion of the operating monitoring system to other Kazakhstan’s regions will help us with the timely identification of violations on roads and to transmit actual information on it to fix and improve the situation”Erkebulan Olmesov, CEO of Supervision Technology Company, comments.

The client

The client is a huge company headquartered in the city of Nur-Sultan, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The priority of this company is the high level of accuracy of transmitting sensitive data for future processing. Its offices are located in different parts of Kazakhstan.

At the moment, the ‘AvtoUragan’ system is deployed in the following locations: the Almaty Region, the Akmola Region, the city of Kokshetau, the Kostanay Region, the city of Rudny, the Districts of Auliekol, Karasu, Karabalyk, the Jambyl Region, the city of Taraz, and the Korday District. With the help of Infinet Wireless solutions the client plans to expand the monitoring system on Kazakhstan’s roads in the near future.


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